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Raised Beds

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Northern NJ




Holds 100 Cubic

Feet Of Compost.

Delivered $300.00 

Northern NJ


North Side "The 47 Walk-In

Turn Key Coop Set-Up

The 47 Walk-In Coop & Run - 180 sqft Total. Comes with 4 laying boxes, 2 windows 2 vents,

solar automatic chicken door, 2 coop heat lamps, inside temperature gauge, 2 galvanized steel waterers & 2 feeders, off the coop is a chicken weather port 24 sqft,  than a 128 sqft

walk-in run with many roost, a chicken swing, and cleaning tools.

.....  Just Add Chickens!

Large Entry Door

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Turn-Key Setup. Comes With Everything Needed.
Custom Chicken Coop Holds Up To 15 Hens.
Dimensions: Coop Floor Plan 4' x 7'

Run: 152 sq.ft. - Total Set-Up 180 Sqft

The "47 Walk-In" custom coop holds up to 15 hens
comfortably.  All weather base keeps the coop out of
the snow in the winter. Large entry door for feeding &
cleaning. Coop has 4 large laying boxes with outside
access for egg harvest.  Roof is Royal Sovereign 3-tab
shingles with a 25-year warranty. Strong durable
hardware for secure predator proofing. Coop is
designed light in weight for easy moving.

Chicken Run: Walk in run is 150 sq ft. and holds up to 15 birds. Built sturdy with all weather wood, no warping or rotting. Predator proof fencing is hardware cloth 1/2 inch mesh galvanized steel.

Run comes with hinged door for easy feeding & cleaning.  Run comes with many outside roosts

so chickens can get off the wet & cold ground.

Weather Port

Complete Setup "47 Walk -In" Panted Ceder

The 47 Walk-In

Coop Comes With Light/Heat Lamps &

Solar Automatic Chicken Door