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Square Foot Gardens

Built To Fit Any Space

Raised Beds

Go Organic !

Northern NJ




Holds 100 Cubic

Feet Of Compost.

Delivered $300.00 

Northern NJ


A-Frame 40 Run Pricing:

4x3x10 - 40 sqft = $400.00

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Predator proofing is 1/2" - 19-Gauge Hardware Cloth

Galvanized Steel that is corrosion resistant. A double
zinc-coating provides superior rust resistance to deliver
long-lasting performance and durability. Run is assembled
with outdoor decking screws.

A-Frame 40 Run

​40 Square Feet Of Ground Space - 4' Wide - 3' High - 10' Long
Run is perfect for 4 hens or put a few runs together.  Runs easily line up to form any

run formation. Each added run will add 40 sqft of ground space. 

Backyard Runs Made Strong Made To Last
Runs are made from Pressure-Treated lumber that meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. Lumber is protected against fungal decay, rot and termites. This is critical to the durability and life span of the run.

Backyard Chicken Space Two & Ten Rule Of Thumb:
Recommend 2 sqft per hen inside coop & 10 sqft per hen outside for chicken run.


Strong Hardware