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Coop light/Heat Lamp

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Rugged and reliable light/heat lamp used to warm

chicks, chickens, ducks. Common heat lamps are

often blamed for barn fires, scorched wool and

overheating. This lamp has strength, safety,

protective guard, and comes with a hanging

system to lower for chicks and pullets.

Just add a light.

A low energy bulb you do just fine. This will keep

your hens laying straight through the winter.

A light will also keep the hens from molting. 

Many chicken-keepers encourage egg-laying in the

autumn and winter by providing supplemental light

in the coop, which is safe and effective. A hen's ovary

is stimulated to produce eggs by the many glands that

comprise her endocrine system and the endocrine

system is stimulated by light

Common Uses:

To warm lambs, goat kids and sick animals.
A heat source for a poultry brooder. Can be used

in dog kennels for puppies and short-haired dogs.
Use in barns or stables for any animal that is sick

or cold.


Black base with white grill.

9 3/8" diameter, 15" tall

16 ft cord. Bulb Included.

Lamp Install Pricing:

1 Lamp Install: $98.00

2 Lamp Install: $183.00

Each lamp install Includes heat light,

depth chain, and hardware for each

amp installed.